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an imageIntrusion Alarm System (Burglar Alarm) detects an entry or the attempted entry of intruders or burglars in to protected premises that signals their presence to others either locally by the siren or dial remotely to a control center with the site information…


Central Monitoring Station is a system that provides services to monitor burglar, fire, residential alarm and CCTV. The Central Station located at suitable premises provides supervisory services and also acts as watchman, remotely…



cctv thumb-largeWith the worldwide threat of crime and terrorism increasing daily, the demand for high quality video surveillance security system is become essential part of life to secure the values/properties.



is a well-known electronics business group of Indian origin has laid its foundation about 20 years back in Kerala, India through electronics and time management segment have established their footing in the Middle East during the year 2005 and have then super specialized their business on to high tech security & surveillance industry and are known now as a well accredited group with a denotable list of clients in and around Middle East. As we all know security and surveillance industry is one of the rapid growing industries in the world. Companies in the security systems services industry sell, install, and monitor commercial and residential electronic security alarm systems. According to global industry analysis, security and surveillance systems generate around 40 billion USD globally. In India the scenario is no different, with about 450 million USD invested in security and surveillance field alone. The industry experts are forecasting even bigger growth in coming years making it a safe and reliable investment for the future
As an industry expert and someone who knows the whereabouts of the system, OGERA group continues to drive innovation in the video surveillance market and provides access to a leading set of features, assisting security operators in keeping our client’s assets well protected. Having considerable scientific and engineering potential and significant experience in deployments of integrated security systems, the company continuously develops functional capabilities of production, acquiring an advantage in the global market of video surveillance and security. At OGERA, we strongly believe that small and medium-sized system security projects should have access to the same advanced technology benefits found in large-scale security projects…



Groups enormous years of experience, in dealing with CMS, Speed Radars, Specialty equipment, Security Alarms (intruder), Access control system, P A system, Total Automation system, Point of Sales system and CCTV has made OGERA as a synonym of qualitative equipment and service provider..


Ogera has a wide range of innovative and special products at their helm which continues to impress and amaze customers . These products include Ogeras own branded fleet of security systems along with well-known brands like Samsung. With our continuous work in research and development, we would be hopefully widening our product base soon in the future.





As we said earlier people in India are still unfamiliar with the dos and dont of the security industry. Ogera Technologies Pvt. Ltd is planning to launch an online consultancy portal through which interested people could post queries and doubts regarding security solutions. The best part of this portal is that the customers would also get an onsite visit from our experts.


OGERA Intech Secure has already got a well-established research and analysis centre in their office in Dubai, OGERA Technologies Pvt. Ltd are planning to have same sort of wing at our campus at KINFRA. What we are trying to start in India is an advanced research and development facility which can be compared with present market leaders.